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WebsitePop is a website solution for small businesses. By default it includes social media, commenting, user registration, user-only pages and much more. For a single setup fee and a monthly service fee (see Price) your business can have a professional website in no time.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

WebsitePop.com is a managed Software as a Service (SaaS) platform; it not only generates your website but also provides an administration panel for various website settings and content management.

This service allows you or your staff to edit and make page changes using an easy to use web editor, at no additional charge. Changes you make to the site are instant.

Modifications in external embedding code such as Facebook, Twitter, OpenGraph, etc are included. These external code updates (among others such as storage connections) are automatic; yet another benefit of managed code.


There are a variety of simple styles available. A custom style can be setup for you for an additional design fee.

All custom design is managed by GotWebStyle.com


You can get your existing domain name as an alias of your account or a new domain can be registered and managed for you. Domain assistance is included and one domain can be registered and managed for free. Use of a domain of some kind is required or a subdomain will be issued.